About this role

We're looking for an infrastructure engineer to help us deploy, deliver and scale our infrastructure to handle hundreds of thousands of daily players.

We maintain a hybrid fleet of over 200 bare metal servers and cloud instances, totalling at over 4TB of RAM and nearly 1000 cores. We have database sizes in the terabytes and consistently push gigabits of traffic to the wider internet.

After over 8 years of continuous development, we're now starting an ambitious transformation project within our Infrastructure and Platform teams. Over the next year we're revamping a lot of internal systems in preparation for increased capacity and new features

This is a varied role across all parts of our technology stack and great for those wanting to improve multiple skills at a high scale

We may consider offering an adapted version of this role as an Apprenticeship - please see below for more details


  • Maintain and manage a hybrid dedicated/cloud server environment
  • Automate Infrastructure ops with configuration management and custom tooling
  • Database administration including MySQL and MongoDB (also Influx, Elastic and Redis)
  • Ensure high quality monitoring of hardware and network conditions
  • Troubleshooting network, software and hardware issues


  • Experience managing Linux-based operating systems and scripting languages such as Bash and Python
  • Experience working with databases (Ideally MySQL and MongoDB)
  • Familiarity using containers and related tools such as Docker
  • Understanding of IP Networking and protocols such as DNS, DHCP and IPv6
  • Experience with Git and CI/CD pipelines (we use GitLab)

Desired traits

  • Competency in writing and deploying Java based applications
  • Experience working with distributed databases (e.g MongoDB replica sets, clusters; Galera/XtraDB MySQL Clusters)
  • Used cloud automation tools such as OpenStack, Kubernetes, OpenShift or DC/OS
  • Knowledge of container networking, especially in distributed environments

You should know/be able to:

  • The difference between sharding and replication in building scalable databases
  • Broadly, how a traceroute works
  • Broadly, how a container runtime works

Depending on various factors (such as experience and location) which will be discussed during the recruitment process the compensation is expected to be, on average, around £11-£16 an hour for this role.

What's an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a genuine job and you will be employed from day one and an alternative to post-16 and post-18 education. Apprenticeships combine practical training in a job with study. They are a great way to simultaneously gain practical skills and formal qualifications. Depending on the exact course (and where you are in your own education) you will get the equivalent of either A-Levels or a Foundation Degree/beyond.

All of your training is fully funded by ourselves and the UK Government and you will also still be paid (please note figure listed above may not be representative for an apprentice).

We offer full-time apprenticeships based out of our office in Bury, Greater Manchester. Depending on the exact course and level we can also facilitate remote delivery. The exact eligibility requirements are incredibly complex but if you live in the UK, or would consider moving to the UK - then please do get in touch as you will likely be eligible.

How to apply

When submitting your application please include a covering letter detailing any relevant experience, reasons for your application, and anything else you feel we should know about your application, along with your CV. These should be emailed to jobs@cubecraft.net. The subject of your email should be in this format:

"Position Applying for - Name - IGN"

For example:
"Infrastructure Engineer - John Smith - jsmith1"

As a brief note we do try to reply to all reasonable applications that we receive but from time to time we don’t get the chance. Any replies aim to be sent within 2 weeks of us receiving an application.

We want to hire great people, not just those with skills in applying for jobs! If you are worried about how to put together a CV or covering letter - try your best and we'll get back in touch with some written questions necessary or alternatively we'll provide advice and guidance on how best to format an application.

Click to email jobs@cubecraft.net
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