About this role

We're looking for a Platform Engineer to help us plan, develop and scale our toolings and APIs to handle hundreds of thousands of daily players.

After over 8 years of continuous development, we're undergoing an ambitious transformation project to allow us to continue to grow and support millions of daily players in the future.

Our platform team bridges the gap between our hardware and the stuff that runs on it. You will be helping developers create projects which are scalable by default and working with our Infrastructure team to create a resilient and reliable deployment.


  • Work with Infrastructure team to administer a Kubernetes (or similar) cluster
  • Develop project structures and build tools to support development and running in a container environment
  • Ensure high quality monitoring and performance analysis of services
  • Develop data-driven services to power our game network and support new feature development


  • Strong knowledge of Java
  • Experience working with databases (MySQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Redis)
  • Comfortable using orchestrations tools such as Kubernetes, Openshift or Openstack
  • Experience with Git and CI/CD pipelines (we use GitLab)

Desired traits

  • Competency in writing and deploying Java based applications
  • Experience working with Kubernetes operators (e.g for database management)
  • Proficiency in working with cloud providers such as AWS, GCE or Azure
  • Previous experience working within a team.
  • Previous experience at semi-large Minecraft server.

You should know/be able to:

  • The difference between sharding and replication in building scalable databases
  • Describe the garbage collection process in the JVM
  • Broadly, how a container runtime works

Depending on various factors (such as experience and location) which will be discussed during the recruitment process the compensation is expected to be, on average, around £11-£16 an hour for this role.

How to apply

When submitting your application please include a covering letter detailing any relevant experience, reasons for your application, and anything else you feel we should know about your application, along with your CV. These should be emailed to jobs@cubecraft.net. The subject of your email should be in this format:

"Position Applying for - Name - IGN"

For example:
"Platform Engineer - John Smith - jsmith1"

As a brief note we do try to reply to all reasonable applications that we receive but from time to time we don’t get the chance. Any replies aim to be sent within 2 weeks of us receiving an application.

We want to hire great people, not just those with skills in applying for jobs! If you are worried about how to put together a CV or covering letter - try your best and we'll get back in touch with some written questions necessary or alternatively we'll provide advice and guidance on how best to format an application.

Click to email jobs@cubecraft.net
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